Training in Musicality & Musicianship for Adults (Beginners-Professionals) and Children (5+)

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• Expand your ability to hear with your eyes and see with your ears.

• Read music with greater expression, fluidity and precision.

• Increase your vitality with complex rhythms, meters, phrasing and harmony.

• Tap into the thrill of improvisation.

Old question:

“If playing the right notes is not enough, what is it that musicians must bring to the music to bring the music to life in the most powerful and evocative ways — and how do we learn that?”

Dalcroze’s Novel answer:

By using the body as an instrument and expressing music through purposeful movement, we can develop a powerful experiential knowledge of musical concepts. By applying this knowledge to performance, reading, writing and listening, our music gains vitality.

Expand Your Musical Intuition.

Dalcroze Education invites you to deepen your musicality and musicianship by knowing music through the body. 

Active listening, joy, fun social engagement and experiential discovery are at the core of each course, whether for adults or for children

For Adults: Hone Your Skills & Knowledge

DMSB offers adults (beginners - professionals) a fundamentally different way to engage with musical concepts you've known all your musical life. Own the skills in a deeper, more integrated way — and apply them to make your music come even more alive. 

For Children: A Seven-Year Curriculum

DMSB offers children a sequential seven-year curriculum starting as at age five. Graduates gain a musical competency equivalent to a college-level conservatory freshman.